GOLD Bar Rating System

Our automatic lubrication solutions range from a simple single point of lubrication to plant wide dispensing systems managed and controlled from a single HMI. We rank our solutions by a GOLD “bar” system with up to five bars.
Our marketing literature will be tagged with the bar system for ease of understanding what type of investment you are entertaining.

Gold Bar Rating System

1 Bar

Means a simple solution under $1,000

2 Bar

Means a standard multi-point lubrication system under $8,000.

3 Bar

Means a multiple point lubrication system with additional customization. $8,000 to $20,000

4 Bar

Means a custom engineered lubrication system. $20,000 to $100,000

5 Bar

Is a Plant-wide, turnkey, custom engineered lubrication system. $100,000+

The GOLD Bar Rating System should be used as a simple guideline to give you an idea of the capabilities and the price-point of the system. We can always custom engineer a solution that meets your needs, price-point and expected return on investment.

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